Social Media Services

Twitter has become one of the most effective marketing tools for sex workers, as it is in mainstream industries. We help you develop and implement a sound strategy to target your goals.



Content Themes

and Strategy

Strategy is a word you will hear a lot around here.. because it is the most important factor in your success! Determining what to post on Twitter each day requires planning... this is where we come in! 

Using your goals as a guide, we will curate themes and content to post each day. In addition, we plan a daily strategy for your Twitter content to hit your targets. This strategy includes a daily formula for original posts, retweets, interactions and your promotions. 


Daily Posts All Month Long

Determined by your individualized strategy, we will curate multiple daily original posts and promote previous content. Social media success, particularly on Twitter, is driven by frequency and consistency.


We offer options to manage your account for you or provide you with strategy and content that you can implement on your own. If you choose our social media management option, you will always have access to your accounts.  We do not change your passwords or take full control of the account in any way. SCL Consulting promotes team-based strategy for your business.

Strategic Interactions

The biggest key to SOCIAL media is.... you guessed it... social interaction! When you are networking, strategy is important. (We warned you this word would come up a lot, didn't we?) 

Strategic interactions start with a list of colleagues you approve (and a list of those you don't) of our interacting with on your behalf. Then, we engage your account with as many colleagues in your network as your daily strategy calls for. These engagements may be likes, comments or retweets. These engagements are NEVER combative or negative in any way. We keep comments light, complimentary and positive. Hitting these daily strategic targets keeps your account relevant and your audience both cultivated and growing.