Consulting Packages

Basic Strategy Session... 1 hour overview of desired strategy topic... $100

Social Media Strategy Coaching... 3 hours (can be dispersed over one week) of social media strategy coaching with posting feedback... $250



Crisis Consultation...

3 - 5 hours of strategy response coaching and preparation with communications feedback... $500 - $1000

Social Media Packages

Social Media Content Development...Includes one month of content delivered on a weekly basis, strategic interactions list, and recommended engagement strategy... $500 per month

Social Media Management with Content Development... Includes 5 days per week of posting pre-developed content, strategic interactions, weekly strategic analysis... $1000 per month (total)

Advertisement Posting With Social Media Management Includes daily ad posts in addition to social media posts... additional $250 per month

Copy Writing Packages

One Time Advertisement Draft... 1 ad plus 3 draft edits... $100

Monthly Advertising Management... Includes weekly updated drafts of current ad copy, daily posting on up to 5 platforms...$500 per month 

Website Copy... up to 5 pages of website copy plus 3 draft edits per page... $500

Ad-Hoc Retainer... up to 32 hours of writing or editing copy for various industry related projects. (Blogs, newsletters etc.)...$1000 

Communications Packages

Prepared Email Package... Up to 5 drafts of emails for various industry standards (inquiry request, screening email, reference request, etc.) and 2 draft edits of each email... $250

Sensitive Communications Package... Need to terminate a relationship or handle a delicate situation?We provide coaching, copy drafts and support during difficult exchanges...

$250 - $500

Packages and Payment Information

Content demands can vary at different stages of your business cycles. We create couture packages to suit your unique needs. Whether you are seeking a comprehensive overhaul of your existing brand or a simple spruce up of your online presence and strategy, get in touch!


Payments can be made through Gift Rocket, bank transfers, gift cards, and cash. 

Results do not happen overnight. Strategy requires consistency to turn into success. Keep going, you will get there!